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​遊花遊月 Yuka Yugetsu
Play with Flower, Play with Moon
Artist in Residence in Noko Island, Fukuoka Japan

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Retreat in nature​

YukaYugetsu is indeed a peaceful environment where you can enjoy nature,

retreat yourself, gather your thoughts, rest, and contemplate.

This residency does not require artists or researchers to hold exhibitions or produce works. You can wake up to the sound of birds, enjoy the nature of Noko, Fukuoka and recharge your mind and body.

Occasionally, you can swim at the Noko beach, go to the city of Fukuoka for enjoyment. (by 10 minutes ferry) For those staying for an extended period, we plan to ask to share their thoughts and artistic practice with the Fukuoka art community in a talk session to contribute to the local community.

​*Noko Island locates Fukuoka CIty, 10-minutes ferry from Fukuoka.



In 1995, the owner of the Cosmos House by Yayoi Kusama in the Museum City Fukuoka built a new villa in the same location.

It was a place for cherry blossom viewing in spring, fireworks in summer, and the fireplace baking sweet potatoes in winter, where family and friends gathered.

Located on the mountain slope of historic Noko Island, you can see various citrus fruits such as summer oranges, lemons, yuzu, sudachi, and kabosu bear fruit in summer, and you can also enjoy autumn leaves in fall.

The house had been waiting for its owner for three years, but she never returned due to illness. The owner, with affection for the house, put up a calligraphy board with the characters "Yukayugetsu" (Play with flowers, Play with a moon) on its gate.

The new owner has been unable to enjoy this house often but has monthly cleaned it and tended to the plants. The idea arose to make it a quiet place for artists, curators, performers, and those who contemplate art to quietly spend time

and bring life back to this house in the forest.

​Resident artists, curators, art thinkers
(At this moment, we do not do an open call, please ask FIKA by email if you are interested:

​Yoshinori Niwa and Yelena Maksutay March 27th to May 24th 2024


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